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Better Co.

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Better strives to positively impact women's lives and contribute to a more open and supportive conversation about women's health. 
Better period starts here.

While my creative practice began and has been revolved around a commercial context, like brand identity, I’m currently back in university, studying Social Design with a focus on how brand’s identity and its communication can act with care and responsibility in favour of the society.

Social Design is the application of design methodologies that tackles complex social issues, such as climate change, animal welfare, poverty, and social inequality. Social Design is rooted in interactions, participations and co-creations with the communities, building democratic relationships between places, living beings, and things.

Using the design to uncover, as well as better understand, different social issues, to reorganise and bring about positive impacts to the world.


Brand and Social Design

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UNICEF for every child
Junior Brand Designer 2021-2023


Brand Design

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Graphic and Website Design

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Milan Design Week 2024

Social Design

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Kill all the bees

Social Design

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An 8bit graphics- style platform game that puts you in the post-world of bee’s extinction. Will you be able to survive the world without bees? Play the game to find out.
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