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Kill all the bees

Will you be able to survive the world without bees?
Play the game to find out.

The brief
How can Witty Design be used to encourage the discontinuation of the inhumane treatment on animals?

The challenge
The topic of animal welfare is sensitive and ethical. The biggest challenge on this theme is walking through the thin line between telling the harsh truth and being careful not to scare off the audience.

The solution

Games used as an interactive methods to snap the audience out of their perspective. When you trying to get the attention, there is no better way to do it than putting them right into that difficult situation.

Wit through the relatable contents and quirky storyline attract creates a relax and friendly experience allowing players to spent time on the communication and making the players more willing to accept the message, win persuasions & change attitute towards the bees.

Features :
- Maison/0 Green Trail Shortlisted 2022
- Climate Emergency Network by UAL / Read︎︎︎
- UAL Graduate Showcase 2021

Dissertation Project, 2021
Central Saint Martins,
University of the Arts London

Graphic and Communication Design

When we think of bees, we think of honey — but they are so much more than just honey.
Bees are now at the risky stage of extinction, so what will happen if all the bees were gone?

We are unaware that every action we conduct contributes to the loss of the bees: from climate breakdown, the purchase of commercial honey to electromagnetic radiation from the wifi and cellphones. The challenge of addressing the complexity of the importance of bees to our ecosystem is walking through the line between telling the truth and being careful not to scare off the audience.

Game Design creates a design-friendly material that allows the audience to experience the issue in a less confrontational way. The central concept is taking something mundane and familiar, such as Valentine flowers, coffee and wine, and playing off it.  The humour and relatable contents allow the audiences to see themselves in the situation and become active about the subject. The witty interactivity also increases optimism and drives positive change — if you can save the bees in the game, you can also save them in real life.

Watch the game recording here:

The process

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