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Social Design is...

Exploring the definitions of Social Design in the ever-evolving world of Design 

Project by
Adipa Klomchitcharoen,
Donatella Taraborelli and
Loren Tripp

Year 1 MA Social Design, 2024
Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
Communication Design

As Social Design is under continuous redefinition, we would like to invite different audiences to share what they think Social Design is.

We turned the audience into active participants by allowing the audience to share their opinions and thoughts, through interactive postcards, interactive posters and social media posts.

From the findings, we obtained the community’s collective definition of Social Design. So, what is Social Design to you?

Interactive Posters - Public Spaces in Milan

Interactive Postcards - NABA Open Days

Interactive Social Media Survey - On NABA Instagram Account

Interactive Installations - Milan Design Week

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