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Orti di via Padova;

At Orti di via Padova,  nature can thrive both under the snow and the sun.

Project by
Adipa Klomchitcharoen and Donatella Taraborelli

Year 1 MA Social Design, 2024
Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
Communication Design

We normally think that nature and flowers bloom in the spring and summer. However, at Orti di via Padova, plant life cycle is all year round, from January to December.

Thanks to the love and care that caretakers put into the garden, nature can thrive both under the snow and the sun.

As designers, we would like to capture the true essence of the flower’s life cycle in Orti di via Padova, with a calendar. Each month reflects a voice, a story and the blooming period, of a specific flower.

All the materials are authentic and collected from the garden’s archive and caretakers.

Visit Orti di via Padova at: 
Via Carlo Esterle, 20132 Milano MI

Photos taken at Orti di via Padova / 16 March 2024

Visual Explorations

Collage Exploration:

Colour Treatment Exploration:

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