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Green Progress

Rebrading Project
Logo Design

Solid Coloured Logo Version

Use Solid Coloured Version when...
- The work will be represented on screen, digitally, or printed in coloured.
- For example, brochures, business cards, report covers, merchandises, presentations and banners.

Outlined Logo Version

Use Outlined Version when...
- The work will be printed in black and white, or printed in a lower quality.
- For example, legal documents, quality forms, and documents that will be photo-copied.

Brand Shape

Our Brand Shape is insprired by waterdrop and leaf which is the center of the cleaness and our planet’s healthy environment. Our Brand Shape can be stand alone, part of backgrounds, backgrounds illustration piece, or as a frame for photography, to represent that pollution treatments and healthy environment are at the heart of who we are and what we do and our missions.

Branded Applications

Branded Stationary Overview

Business Card

Branded Product Stickers

Branded Document Header

Branded Report Covers

Branded Mechandise (Tote Bag)

Branded Mechandise (Water Bottle)

Branded PowerPoint Presentation Template

Branded Event Banner

Branded Shirt

Brand Guidelines

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