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The Body Shop

Create a radical, provocative activism campaign for The Body Shop that feels culturally relevant, authentic and distinctive

By Adipa Klomchitcharoen, Saffiah Alhashemi
and Misty Lin

University Project, 2019
Central Saint Martins,
University of the Arts London

Graphic and Communication Design

This project is about coming up with the activism campaign that focuses on the ageism issue for The Body Shop. Working as a group of 3 designers, we decided to break the stereotype and exploring the problem of ageism against young people. We wanted to highlight the struggles the younger generation face, based on their age, as this period is a transitional phase where you are told that you are too young to do or understand something yet you are expected to be old enough to know better. We came up with “Grow Strong” campaign which used as a tool to raise awareness, celebrate youth achievements and highlight their passion without them being defined by their sex or age

Always remember that

Our mission to grow strong: At The Body Shop, we understand that age discrimination effects everyone of all ages. However, we want to highlight the struggles that the youths face based on their age. As part of the Grow Strong campaign, we want to raise awareness on the issue and celebrate the youth’s achievements, while giving them a platform to express themselves.

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